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Heavy Metal Playlist #1

Heavy Metal Playlist #1! These videos are a great representation of what heavy metal consist of. Jack Black is an amazing artist and created great music along with movies that showcased it. Inspired by him and many others, we started our own band, MIWA. Check out some of her videos SCREAMING here.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal band MIWA

I’ve had many students over the years that have left me wonderful reviews. I teach from kids to adults, any style, any genre! The technique I teach can be used for any style of music. Once the technique is learned, we need to practice, practice, PRACTICE! You will be singing your head off in no time. Learn proper breathing techniques to hold those runs you want to do so badly. Anything is possible, you just have to START.

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I offer gift certificates and group lessons as well, if interested. All of the lessons are individual 1 on 1 coaching with me, The Voice Mechanic. Located in Hollywood, California. Lessons are available Monday – Friday by appointment only.