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Metal Singing Lessons

Metal singing lessons are also offered at The Voice Mechanic. Come join us and all the Metal Heads out there and learn to scream professionally!

Sean Lee with Chris Slade of AC/DC and MIWA
Sean Lee with Chris Slade of AC/DC and MIWA

Metal singers are amazing because they have such strength and control over their vocals, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get to where they are now. At The Voice Mechanic, you will learn how to properly sing any genre of music you want, screaming is my favorite to teach. I have my own Metal band, MIWA, I helped the lead singer develop the strong raspy growl you hear now. Once you learn the proper technique, you can take off in any direction. Scream, rasp, growl and roar your way through songs you never thought you could before. With a little dedication and hard work you can go far, with a lot of dedication? Sky’s the limit.

Below is one video example of how easy it is to learn proper technique for any style of singing. Check out more videos here.

Before and After of David's first singing lesson at The Voice Mechanic.

Check out this video showing the before and after difference in vocal strength after only 30 minutes with The Voice Mechanic.

I’ve been a professional vocal coach for over 30 years, it took years of hard work, practice and patience to get to the level in which I am right now. Therefore, I have the knowledge and skills to bestow that upon others in an honest and proper way. Turn your passion into a career. Start today!