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Public Speaking

Whether you are speaking to a classroom or thousands of people at a seminar, you need to be prepared and make sure your voice will work properly that day. By learning the proper breath support and voice projection you will be able to warm-up and perform your best with clarity, dynamics, and impact on the audience. A good technique for public speaking is easy to learn and goes hand-in-hand with singing. I recommend learning how to sing at the same time because the techniques are the same, but the degree of difficulty is much higher. If you just want to learn to project your voice properly, don’t worry… a lot of people only need 1-3 lessons for that. This is the same for everyone from bartenders working in a loud club, to DJs and boxing ring announcers. I have even taught rodeo announcers! You will learn to save and protect your throat from damage and at the same time, bring excitement into your performance!