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If you are interested in learning how to belt and improve your singing voice…I can help you!

Any note you can hit in falsetto means it is in your range. The goal is to make it one strong connected voice.

I was featured on Oprah’s Oxygen network along with Paul McCartney and demonstrated singing without air coming out by holding a lighter in front of my mouth and singing in front of it. 


A fond memory if have is when I was introduced to the amazing Donna Summer by my friend Gary Ballen while working with Damon Elliott in the late 90’s. Gary said “Sean is a vocal coach.” Donna replied “Oh really…how do you teach?” and I said “When I wa featured on Oprah’s show I used a lighter to demonstrate the technique.” To that she replied “Oh really, so do I… Only I use matches. If they blow it out they can’t sing!” 

Sean Lee

The Voice Mechanic