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Online Singing Lessons The Voice Mechanic

Online Singing lessons are also offered at The Voice Mechanic. Do not worry about having to leave the comfort of your own home. Take a class remotely and safely from home. Online Classes are equally beneficial as in person sessions, just make sure your internet connection is good to go and we will be just fine. 

Online Singing lesson

Is there too much traffic? No one to watch the kids? Or you just don’t want to leave the house?

You don’t have to! Schedule a remote session with The Voice Mechanic and take your singing lesson anywhere you want. Get professional help from the best vocal coach in Hollywood CA. Lessons are private for kids, teens and adults. All ages are welcomed, all genres are covered. Contact The Voice Mechanic today to schedule your first lesson! Classes are tailored to each individual to ensure they are learning everything and improving at the fastest possible rate. 

Private singing lesson

Check out some before and after videos of artist that improved their vocal strength instantly after just one lesson with The Voice Mechanic.

Terry Ilous

Terry Ilous gets his voice back and learns the proper technique to sing, he also learns the importance of vocal strength and proper breathing.

More Online Classes

Guitar Lessons

Private guitar lessons are also offered at The Voice Mechanic. Online or in person! Learn how to rock out to your favorite songs after a few lessons. Impress everyone with your killer skills. Start today! Improve your skills daily.

Guitar lesson with student on a video call with a filter on Sean displaying him in a hat and shades.

At The Voice Mechanic you can also record your first demo!

Come learn how to sing your favorite song and then record it as a demo to show  your friends and family how far you have come. You can send these demos out everywhere, they can help you land jobs and further your music career. 

Do you have original music?

Record it here! Not only are we fully capable to record demos, we can also help record and produce your first original song. Contact The Voice Mechanic for more in detail information.