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Vocal Warmup

What is the best way to warm up my voice?

The best way to warm up your voice is to sing low and comfortably in your speaking range. Do not try to sing any high notes until you warm up and your congestion starts to clear out. As you warm up, the vibrations will help loosen up your congestion in your sinuses (if you have any), then the sound can start to ring out. Don’t force it, you have to wait until it feels like the sound is just coming out by itself effortlessly.

If you warm up this way, you will have a much better performance that day! 🙂

I know it is hard to warm up when you want to belt your heart out immediately, but trust me, warming up properly and having warm up exercises will go a long way and even help further and elongate your music career. There is no reason why your voice should hurt, if for some reason you feel any pain just rest for the rest of that day and  make sure you are fully warmed up before attempting any high notes. The better you train yourself to warm up, the easier your warm ups will be. Get a good rhythm going and don’t loose it! Practice warming up everyday! Your throat will thank you for it.vocal warmup

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