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When I sang for him the other day, just messing around with his guitar 🎸, he was totally shocked!! 😆😅 We’re going to sing a duet at an upcoming show. He had no idea I could bring it like that. I told him you taught me how to project my voice, so he’s very excited to come see you


Sean you’re absolutely magic! I gave a presentation today and everyone could hear me because I can project my voice now! People used to have to tell me to speak up but now I can do it effortlessly. You’ve changed my life!


Been going to Sean for 3 months and my singing has drastically improved since. Sean really focuses/hones in on using proper technique in his lessons. I’ve been working on building a strong foundation which has been the key for having more power, holding notes longer, and singing on pitch. Also a bonus we both have hard rock in common and the Studio is next to the iconic Sunset/Vine area!

Sean is a great teacher! Really fun and safe environment. He has really helped strengthen my voice and he has a lot of patience with his teaching style. Musically gifted for sure.

Been working with Sean for a few months now. Really improving on my voice and singing technique. I was damaging my throat prior to lessons, trying to sing in a heavy/loud band and now can sing for full sessions a few times a week and not damage my throat. Picked Sean cause he’s got a rock vibe and knows great bands and singers.

Sean is awesome. Had my first lesson yesterday after about a year with another coach. While I learned some good stuff from my first coach and had some break throughs, Seans lesson FAR exceeded anything I had previously learned. It felt like the first time I was actually singing! My voice always felt weak and like I can’t sing loud at all but within the first 30 minutes Seans technique brought on a big breakthrough for me. I’m grateful and will be going to see him weekly to further my progress. I highly recommend Sean to anyone trying to take their voice to the next level.

 Highly recommend the Voice Mechanic to anyone seeking to sing or more vocal control. His breathing technique has changed everything for me. After 5 lessons my voice sounds fuller, stronger and I feel at ease when I sing.

5 Star Review
 Sean really is the voice mechanic. In my first lesson, I was stuck on the low notes and couldn’t hit any high notes. After a few lessons with Sean, I can easily sing high notes now. Highly recommended!

singing lessons review423kidk
5 Star Review
After just a few vocal training classes I’ve noticed a big difference in my live performance vocals during my shows. I was watching my latest performance video from my show over the weekend and I was perfectly on pitch with my music and did it with ease when I had somewhat struggled in the past. I sounded like a true professional and I’m proud to say that Sean is really helping me become a great singer!

singing lessons reviewStella W.
5 Star Review
Before I met Sean, I didn’t know how to project at all. My small voice made it quite difficult to live my life whether it was answering questions in class or talking to my friends at busy locations. I love to sing, but always got hoarse after a few songs at karaoke night and had so much trouble with breath support that it negatively affected my pitch and volume. I began to believe that my voice was meant to be soft forever, but a couple of days ago, I screamed my way through a couple hours’ worth of songs and felt perfectly fine afterwards! And this was only after a couple months. ^_^ Sean is a fantastic teacher and musician and is totally transforming the way I use my voice, and he has done the same for so many students that came before me.

Singing lessons reviewTessa Paloma Scholl
5 Star Review
Sean is an incredible teacher. He is truly the voice mechanic! I went to a few teachers before I met him and I knew they weren’t right for me. I was also doing singing courses which helped a little bit but my progress was slow. In just two lessons with Sean, my voice has become better than I could have ever imagined. Not kidding! It still shocks me when I practice. He really knows what he’s doing. If you’re looking to improve quickly, contact him, take a lesson and trust what he teaches. You won’t be sorry!

Uriel Basurto Santos
5 Star Review
Sean is fkn awesome

Damon Rutland
5 Star Review
I was gifted a session with Sean for my birthday – a complete surprise and not something I’d have considered doing on my own (I never thought I could carry a tune). It was a bit terrifying to walk into his studio to be honest!

Sean was completely down to earth and quickly put me at ease, then taught me how to belt out some rock! I haven’t had this much fun in a long time… definitely looking forward to some more time with the Voice Mechanic! HIGHLY recommended!

Breezy Omega
5 Star Review
Sean is the best. He is very professional. You can hear a difference in your voice in the first lesson. If you ever wanted to sing or get better at singing he’s your guy.

Miriam Martinez
5 Star Review
San Bernardino, CA

I’ve been scared to try singing all my life and after 1 lesson I’m completely in love! Sean made it super easy and fun. He has an amazing way of teaching and boosting your confidence. He teaches the correct way from the start. Don’t hesitate, book your appointment! It’s awesome!

Alvaro G.
5 Star Review
Fullerton, CA

Sean is a super cool guy, I had issues with my voice from singing improperly prior to working with him. He told me he could fix my issue in a few lessons and he did, the first lesson made a huge change in the way I projected my voice. I had to stop taking lessons due to personal reasons but he is very experienced, he also has these cool stories about meeting people in Hollywood. 

Victoria Liv Tryggedsson
5 Star Review

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I’ve had 2 lessons with The Voice Mechanic so far, and I’m so excited to really learn the technique of belting and projecting the sound.
I’ll highly recommend his lessons to anyone who wanna challenge their voice and knowledge. I’ve my 3rd lesson booked, and I’m not stopping before I feel like I’ve gotten the technique down.

Besides the high value knowledge you’ll get from Sean, he’s also a really nice person who’ll make you comfortable while singing!

Xavier Di Petta
5 Star Review

Sean is an incredible singer and teacher! Regardless of where you’re currently at, The Voice Mechanic will be able to take you to the next level in a few short lessons. Not to mention, you can’t beat the price. Thanks Sean! Looking forward to many more years working together.

Nick 06
5 Star Review
He covered all of the basics and gave me the specific practice exercises I needed to improve. only a few days after my first lesson my voice has improved drastically! Highly recommend trying a lesson with Sean.

Brian Friedman
5 Star Review

Sean is in a word, amazing. I’ve only met with him once so far and it completely changed how I will view singing going forward. Even if you think you’re good at singing, you likely have no idea just how wrong you’ve been doing it. Looking forward to working with him more!

Dylan G.
5 Star Review
Los Angeles, CA

The name “voice mechanic” is very appropriately suited.  He’s amazingly nonchalant about his very keen ear and precise diagnosis.  Within an hour and legitimately mean one hour (actually less because we were talking about a collab between Elton John and Ozzy Osborne and soundtrack from Hunchback of Notre Dame) I essentially added rocket fuel to my singing voice.  Before I came in, I had basic technique, but my voice was unintentionally breathy, I choked certain vowels and would really tense up trying to sing high notes.  I sang a song for Sean.  He did a diagnosis and we went through some exercises to familiarize myself with internal sensations of the breath-vocal mechanics.  After a single session, when I performed the same song, it had clarity, power, frontal resonation, confidence, WAY more projection and it was the missing link to what I’m currently looking for in my voice. I will finally be able to add challending ballads, classic rock, songs from movies (like the Greatest Showman) all to my set list because I won’t be limited to the breathy coffeehouse type singing that I’ve done my whole life.  WOOOO!

Alejandro Arango
5 Star Review

I didn’t think I could sing, but Sean worked patiently to bring out a voice I didn’t know I had. I highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to improve their singing, public speaking, or even just to get ready for that crazy karaoke night.

Katherine C.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

Sean is really gifted at what he does.
No matter how shy or nervous you are or even if you have a ton of technique training, bite the bullet and go see him, his method works. I have experienced a tremendous transformation in how I sound but more importantly my confidence and willingness to get out of my comfort zone and go for it. I am so grateful to have found him, game changer!!!

Adrian F.
Miami, FL
5 Star Review

EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE A LESSON HERE. WOW! Word on the street is that Sean is the one to see to be able to work on your voice. I was able to immediately improve and work on my voice. My day job is as an executive for a major telecommunication company. I am a public speaker, magician, and guitar player. I have been getting more serious about improving my technique. Sean was able to work with me and work on my general musicianship and improve my voice for my public speaking. See him now. He is smart, organized, and knows his stuff when it comes to your voice. Go now! Don’t wait. He will make you better.

Google Review:

EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE A LESSON HERE. Wow! I am a public speaker, magician, and guitar player. Currently, I wanted to work with Sean to improve my voice projection and public speaking skills. After just an hour I could immediately notice the difference using Sean techniques. Sean is smart, organized and professional. He is a treasure,
and everyone that is a musician should come to see
him. A+

Reid J.
Harlem, Manhattan, NY
5 Star Review
Great coach!  Over the course of 3 lessons Sean, aka ‘the Voice Mechanic”, led me to leaps and bounds of progress in my singing.  It was certainly worth every cent.  He’s comfortable to sing with and there is never a sense of urgency or pressure.  Great coach. Thanks Sean

Kassandra Haas
5 Star Review

Hey everyone
I traveled from Germany to take lessons with Sean and i can only say it was more then worth it. He changed so much about my voice and my singing. He really knows what he is doing and all in a healthy way.
He is a very cool person and you will have a Great time with him.
I will definitely come back   Response

Thank you Kassandra! You are very cool too and have a beautiful voice! I am honored that you travelled all this way just to see me… I can’t wait until next-time! Auf Wiedersehen! 🙂 🎤🎶🎧

Thank you for your answer it is so Sweet.
Yes you’re business should explode, because you are an amazing teacher and everybody should know that.
Can‘t wait for the next time too
Take care
Auf Wiedersehen 😊

Santa Monica, CA
5 Star Review

Today, I had a vocal lesson for the first time at The Voice Mechanic by Sean Lee. Compared to the singing video that we recorded before the lesson and after 35 minutes into the lesson, my voice became much better. I could feel that my voice has grown as well. I still have a lot of stuff to work on, but I would like to improve my skills and keep working hard.

Jennifer De La Garza
Los Angeles
5 Star Review

Sean’s vocal technique is beyond AMAZING! If you’re in need of belting out your songs the way they were intended to without making a scratch to your throat, (or your wallet) then he’s the mechanic to come to. Any vocal coach can try and teach you. A vocal MECHANIC can fix the main issue in such a short time and give you the result that will last you a lifetime. Sean IS that mechanic, without a doubt!

Ashleigh Gray
Los Angeles
5 Star Review

I’ve been taking lessons with Sean, aka The Voice Mechanic, for over a year. My voice has grown tremendously, as well as my confidence. Sean is dedicated to teaching his students the ins and outs of music from performance techniques to music theory. An hour in his studio is an hour well-spent!

Arturo Hernandez
Los Angeles
5 Star Review

If I could give 10 stars I would. My first ever lesson completely changed my voice within the first 30 minutes. I went from horrible to respectable in no time. Now I am better than I ever was. Sean’s methods are no joke. Not going to him would be a joke. Video

Nick Foy
Los Angeles
5 Star Review

Sean is the truth. Just had my first lesson and already noticing some drastic improvements. When I walked in I told him I wanted to sing higher and with more rasp. When I walked out I was doing exactly that, thanks to his instructions. Great guy and great teacher. Already looking forward to my next lesson.

Shelly L.
South Pasadena, CA
5 Star Review

I want to be better at projecting my voice so I ask a friend for recommendation as I have zero experience in singing lesson. She told me: “Sean is going to transform you.” That’s a lot of expectation to live up to.
Sean is super patient and tried all method to make me not as nervous. Even after the first class I could hear a big improvement of my voice. The class is really about training the habit of using the right muscles. Originally I was only going to take the lessons for a couple months but as the class goes on I can start seeing myself doing a cover. That’s was the least thing I imagine I could do before. Thanks Sean for all the encouragement and you funny comments!

Bruce D.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

If you feel like you’re lacking some oomph in your singing voice then Sean is the guy to see. I’m a professional musician & singer, but I always felt a little held back by my inability to really belt when the song called for it. Within twenty minutes Sean had me singing louder and with less effort and strain than I ever had before. I’ve had three lessons with him so far and he has completely enhanced my confidence as a singer.
I had been wasting my time trying to learn vocal technique from YouTube videos. I’m so glad I found Sean. I can’t recommend him enough. Freedom Fry Music

Marissa S.
Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

While on the search for a voice coach, I came across Sean Lee on yelp. I wrote him a message, and immediately he got back to me w/ a quote and appointment times. The very next day, I went in with a friend who wanted help learning how to properly sing so as not to lose breath mid-song. Within thirty minutes, Sean taught him many great techniques that my friend couldn’t stop buzzing about. Just the difference between pre-lesson and post-lesson recordings was incredible. Sean was easy to talk to, a master at vocal techniques, and an all around nice guy. Not to mention, you can’t beat that price for the expertise you’re getting. Definitely would recommend.

Ashleigh G.
San Francisco, CA
5 Star Review

I’m so glad I found Sean! I recently was invited to record a demo. I thought I’d be singing in a soft tone. When the time came to sing the song the producer needed me to belt. I was only confident enough to do it because of my lessons with the Voice Mechanic. He really strengthened my voice and made me more secure in my sound. If you’re looking to improve your sound he’s your guy!

Darius T.
Milpitas, CA
5 Star Review

Sean is awesome. We recorded a video before and after just 30 minutes of coaching and he helped me improve with just a few simple tips. I can’t wait to take several more months of coaching with him.
He’s patient, kind, and funny. I have no singing experience and he made me feel comfortable right off the bat. Highly recommended.

Carolyn M.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

Sean is a great vocal instructor. His instruction is very “to the point” and effective. I noticed a fantastic improvement in my singing abilities in a short amount of time and I continue to improve with his teaching. I always look forward to working with Sean because he goes above and beyond to help my improvement with a pleasant personality. I highly recommend him.

Karol P.
Venice, CA
5 Star Review

Taking lessons with Sean Lee “The Voice Mechanic” was a real game-changer. I was finally able to express myself in ways that I never thought possible. But beyond this, Sean has a real talent for getting the most out of a person. He has a real gift for this and if you bring him to the studio to help you record your album… You’ll be glad you did!

Jennifer D.
Pico Rivera, CA
5 Star Review

If you are wanting to take your vocals to a whole new level, Sean is DEFINITELY the mechanic you want to come to. He’s truly a unique kind of coach. He knows how to stretch your voice to its fullest because you will find that he knows YOUR voice better than you know your own voice.
You will be blown away as to what he can do in only one lesson. I have absolutely no experience in singing but just a desire to be able to belt out songs the way friends and family do, but desiring to do it well. So after only 2 months of lessons, I can honestly & confidently say that I would not shy away from a karaoke scene any longer. Sean is that AMAZING!!!
This whole review is coming from someone who is as shy and quiet as a mouse. So if I’m giving Sean unlimited stars, it’s for a very honest reason!

Nick L.
Riverside, CA
5 Star Review

I’ve been singing in bands all my life, but lately I kept blowing out my voice and I knew I was doing something wrong. I’ve been to these coaches that tell you to load up with air and blow it out, However, That technique was like taking a cheese grater to my vocal chords! So i knew i needed help. I saw Sean’s ad on Yelp, and called him, In one lesson he showed me what I was doing wrong, and its a great thing i contacted him because i was struggling to sing like I used to, in fact I was miserable. I love to sing and lost my chops. I’ve been to four lessons and I’m hitting highs in Ozzy Osbourne’s songs, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennigton. My falsetto is even coming back although Sean emphasizes High Belting, like opera singers! He’s simply amazing and he’s been doing this a long time. If your vocals are struggling, I would only recommend Sean, because he’s extremely intelligent, talented and easy to work with!! If you love to sing but are struggling to hit all those dulcet tones, there’s only one choice; The Voice Mechanic!

Luca S.
Orient, IA
5 Star Review

I started taking vocal lessons with Sean 3 weeks ago. Its just amazing. I couldn’t imagine a better teacher and I have a lot of fun with Sean too.
After 3 weeks I already hear and feel a huge difference in my voice.
Definitely will try to take as much lessons as possible during my stay in LA.
In the beginning I was too shy to sing properly because I didn’t have any experience in singing at all, but Sean gave me a lot of confidence and just made me feel good and relaxed, so I finally was self-confident enough to really sing as clean and good as I could.
His feedback is great and he lets you sing whatever you want to ( even Nickelback;) ) and helps you to improve in your own style of singing.
So I can definitely recommend to take vocal lessons with Sean. Even just one lesson helped me a lot and I could already improve. He told me a lot about my voice in general too.
Unfortunately I have to go back to Germany soon. I would have loved to spend more time with Sean and have a lot of fun with him.
Sean, I will definitely enjoy my next/last lessons with you, can´t wait to see you next week again !!!

Esther O.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

This is an update with the voice mechanic my classes with Sean have been great. My voice has gotten stronger in a few lessons. My confidence has gotten better because I no longer struggle with the breathing like I use too. There is more room for improvement of course!!!
Sean has chosen songs for me that a few months ago…..not having the proper technique.
I would have never thought of singing!!! I really enjoy the fact that now I can sing these songs..again there is room for improvement!!!
He really listens to your voice and knows how to push (gently but firmly) you to achieve your singing goals. This makes me more determined to reach my fullest vocal potential. Sean is very patient, kind and very encouraging! He believes that if you have the desire yes you can sing!!!!

Esther O.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I had class today with Sean. I learned more in 45 minutes with him than in the community college vocal class. He explained the basic technique for proper breathing that allowed me to sing louder, clearer and stronger. I felt my voice sing with more clarity!

Eden E.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I’ve looked around and Sean is the best singing teacher in town. Prior to learning with him
I had no singing experience what so ever. I never even sang for fun alone! But after just 1 hour with the voice mechanic I not only learned to sing my favorite songs but it projected and sounded like something I actually wouldn’t mind listening to!
I have a very low voice so I was concerned that I would never be able to sing high. But after like 3 lessons I was singing a whole octave higher! (Which is way higher than I ever imagined I could sing) I recommend Sean to any aspiring rock singers that want to see immediate results in their voice.

Keith R.
Lawndale, CA
5 Star Review

This is the same review I left on Google….Sean is a Great vocals instructor. I`ve had other teachers over the years, But so happy to have run across Sean, & gave him a shot, Was singing much better after first lesson, improved my breathing control, among other things, Sean Has some unique & different exercises, Lucky & thankful to have met him, I`m a much better singer today thanks to Sean.

Arty H.
La Puente, CA
5 Star Review

I walked in with an open mind and a decent voice. I walked out baffled and with a voice worthy of the gods. 30 minutes with Sean and you will see what your voice is truly capable of. I had been wanting vocal lessons for over 2 years, I finally decided to go for it and found Sean. He definitely lives up to his name, “The Voice Mechanic”. He doesn’t just make good singers, he makes miracles.

Leezah H.
5 Star Review

Sean has done wonders with my daughters’ voice. He teaches her to use the right breathing technique to bring out her voice. From just her first lesson, there was already a remarkable difference and confidence in her voice. Anyone looking for an awesome voice teacher, Sean is the perfect person you’re looking for.

Jasmin P.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I am considered to tone deaf, flat and breath through my chest (as I found recently). Sean makes it just so easy to sing, belt and do that in tune.
I chose to work with him because makes singing accessible and easy to learn. Most importantly I dont feel like I’m being judged at all. Anything I want to try out I get to try.
Most importantly, he is just the most genuine and also one nicest people I have had the chance to meet. He goes way over and beyond and gives you everything he has.
I dont write reviews generally cause I don’t like giving bad feedback about anyone’s business. I just chose not go there or use their services. Having said that, if someone goes out of his way to help me achieve somethng I couldn’t dream of doing, I will most def take the time to write a review.
Mr. Voice Mechanic:)))) thank you from the bottom of my heart

Karina H.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I’m not a big “yelper” but this guy deserves my 5 star review. My son got a call back to audition for LACHSA, it really is a big deal for him. We had tried voice lessons in the past but my experience was an ok one, since I had no way of telling if his voice had improved or not. However I decided to give The Voice Mechanic a try, simply because I wanted him to improve my son’s volume. I liked what I saw on his website but the real surprise came on the first lesson. He improved my son’s voice in the first hour! He was able to teach his technique in just one session and for that I feel very grateful. In only three sessions he has helped my son’s voice flourish beautifully. One of my concerns was that my son would force his voice at times, after The Voice Mechanic he can sing loud and without loosing his breath as he used to. His audition is this weekend and he’s very confident he will do great! The Voice Mechanic listens to your needs and gets right down to business!

Neva R.
Reno, NV
5 Star Review

Sean’s the real deal–this man knows his stuff! In just an hour the SO learned more about technique and range than he’d learned in the last 20 years, so that pretty much speaks for itself. Not only that, but Sean was totally accommodating, squeezing us in on the day after Christmas (even AFTER we got stuck in Santa Monica traffic and were 15 minutes late!) since we were only visiting for the weekend…I’d highly recommend checking him out if you’re looking for a skilled “mechanic” to help tune YOUR voice!

Dylan C.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

Sean is the best, great guy, and in just a few lessons he has gotten me singing so much better all around, but especially my high belting. He has me singing a lot higher than I thought I ever could and with so much less effort.

Alisa C.
Manhattan Beach, CA
5 Star Review

Sean is an amazing teacher. His techniques really improved my singing abilities. I will be coming back to him!!

Brendan J.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

Great lessons at a great price. I did several lessons with Sean and right away he focused on technique and in the context of the music I play. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to improve their singing.

James C.
Ashford, United Kingdom
5 Star Review

Sean improved my voice 100% within about 30 minutes. Every other vocal coaching i have had spent the majority of the time singing scales and exercises where as Sean gets to the root of the technical problems and shows you how to apply the knowledge straight away!

Bruna R.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I’m completely blown-away by The Voice Mechanic’s technique. In less than 30 minutes he taught me what other hasn’t taught me in 3 years. And the best is that my friend who was waiting for me outside noticed the difference too and he got it taped.
My confidence has increased so much and I’m so eager to keep taking lessons with him. The best vocal coach in town.
I’m writing this now but I’m SURE that I’ll write another great review in the future because things will only get better and better!

Farai K.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

Sean is amazing! I’ve been singing my entire life, and in the first 35 minutes, he taught me things that I had never heard before. And, my voice had already seen improvement after one session! I’ll be back.

David M.
Beverly Hills, CA
5 Star Review

Sean really knows what he’s doing! By the first 30 minutes I was already singing more comfortably and with more confidence. I see myself training with Sean for a long time. Down to earth guy with great technique!

Ricky O.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

When I took my first lesson with Sean, right away I was shown the right placement and breathing which increased my power. After that first lesson I did not feel the soreness I used to after an hour of hard rock singing. I thought it was normal that the voice would hurt after singing hard for an hour or so, but now I don’t get sore anymore and my band have told me I sound more powerful and louder… a huge improvement after only 4 lessons. I will highly recommend the voice mechanic. Ricky – Rebel Hotel

Scott M.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I noticed a huge difference in my voice in only 20 minutes with Sean. The technique he teaches is incredibly effective, and the price is more than reasonable for top-level voice coaching. I’ll definitely be going back to see The Voice Mechanic!

Felix G.
West Hollywood, CA
5 Star Review

I’ve only had a few voice classes in my life but I will never forget this one 🙂 I literally felt like I left with a new voice, or one I just excavated. Sean teaches a very effective and efficient technique and is also very attentive, patient and has a wonderful aura. His rates are very reasonable and he’s a very generous coach. I would definitely recommend him for pro singers as well as actors who just want to strengthen their voice. *****

Bill L.
Santa Monica, CA
5 Star Review

I was always told that I have a “unique” sounding voice. I am from the Midwest and we speak with a nasal tone to our dialect. I moved to Los Angeles to become an actor. I was told already that I missed out on the lead role for a national commercial because my voice did not fit my physique and look. The casting agents wanted me for the commercial so bad but could not get past my voice and the lead went to another LA talent. I could always sing pretty decent because I would enunciate the words with power and that nasal pitch is gone when I sing. I went to Shawn for two reasons. To become a better singer but also have control of my voice when speaking. Immediately on the first session within 30 seconds Shawn pointed out my nasal sound and why I did that for so many years. Shawn showed me a simple method of letting the sound travel out of my cheek bones instead of my nose which makes the sound resonate and carry in a magnificent way. I was so excited that I decided I need Shawn once per week to retrain the way I speak because its only natural to fall back into my old way of speaking. It is all about retraining and projecting your voice and not holding it back. I must say the exercises are pretty intense. A lot of work with the diaphragm. Shawn’s approach is fun and he keeps it simple to get to the root of the problem quickly. Thanks Sean!

Steven M.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I’m amazed with the singing lesson. I was able to sing better than I’ve ever had in my life thanks to Sean Lee. I was able to learn a better approach to singing than what I was previously applying to the craft. I’m able to sing notes I normally wouldn’t have been able to sing. I felt my voice reach new levels of power. You could really tell the difference between before and after. I feel more confident about my singing abilities. I could walk into a room and sing with a sense of accomplishment. The results have been great.

Marlin G.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

Sean Lee is the best vocal coach I’ve ever had, bar none. As a recovering drummer, my musical abilities weren’t only limited to one discipline, they were almost non-existent. No voice, no ear, no technique, no confidence, nothing except a late-blooming decision to try and scratch up enough musicality to sing a simple song. Sean’s deep musical knowledge and engaging personality have made working with him a very pleasant and rewarding experience for me. He not only teaches me to sing the notes, he demonstrates how they work in the context of musical structure and how they fit into the scales, arpeggios, keys, modes, the whole chimichanga. I couldn’t be more pleased with his instruction and I recommend him highly to anyone who want to sing professionally, as a hobby, whatever.

Comment from Sean L. of The Voice Mechanic
Business Manager
8/12/2013 You have inspired me as well Marlin, with your vast knowledge of the Blues…

Dezzy B.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

Sean Lee has really helped me improve my vocals. If fact, i went to karaoke recently with some friends and sang. my friends were so impressed with my vocal improvement that they cheered and told me how significantly my singing has improved. I couldn’t believe the results have been so great. ~ Dezzy Blaze (Nightshade)

J B.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I was blown away! Within 30 minutes I was singing from the right place and able to reach notes that I’d usually crack on. I was able to sing with rasp, which I was never able to do without getting hoarse. My voice felt much more powerful and my projection improved quickly. My overall tone sounded much stronger and less airy.
I took classical training vocal lessons which was always scales and had me singing the wrong way. My voice was always airy, weak and would crack often. When I first came in, Sean pointed that out to me right away and showed me how to sing properly. He picked up that my voice was airy and over-exerted when trying to sing. This was only my first lesson, I can’t wait to see how much I progress with the lessons to come.

Mary I.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Review

I loved this experience! Sean Lee is a caring and very capable vocal coach and he has taught me how to sing – my fantasy guilty pleasure. I highly recommend the Voice Mechanic if you want to have your vocal dreams come true.