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The Voice Mechanic 

Even if you’re a great actor or singer, if you lose your voice…
You may not know how to get it back!

Vocal lessons help save and protect your voice!   Learn voice projection and high belting!

voice Lessons
Sean Lee

In-Studio Singing Lessons!

Call (323) 937-2565

The Voice Mechanic – Clients

The following is a partial list of the 5000+ voice & guitar  students that Sean Lee has personally taught.

Terry Ilous

Great White / XYZ

Chris Slade

AC/DC / Tom Jones / Asia / Uriah Heap
Manfred Mann / The Firm / MIWA

Michael Devin

Bass player

Sean with Miwa and Chris Slade of AC/DC outside the first Voice Mechanic location. 


UFC Ring Announcer

Sean Lee with Bruce Buffer outside Sean’s School on Melrose Ave in the late 90’s


Writer / Producer
Mississippi Burning – Citizen X – Over*There


Steven Bochco Productions
DirectorThe Hurricane

John Ketcham

The Hurricane

Billy D. Lucas

Top Hollywood Stuntman
Actor / Director

David "Shark" Fralick

The Young And The Restless – Desert Heat – Chill Factor – Tron – Glimmer Man etc. etc.
The Pharcyde


The Pharcyde
Gary Ballen

Gary Ballen

Chad Nicholson

Rodeo Announcer
Guns 'N Roses SongwriterR.I.P.

West Arkeen

Guns ‘N Roses Songwriter

Jimmy Z

Etta James – Tom Petty – The Eurythmics etc. etc.


(Sean’s Band)

Monroe Black

Salems Lott
(I’m also the photographer LOL)


Fantasy Twins

Erica & Lisa

Fantasy Twins


Tigh Guerrero

Tigh Guerrero



Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila


Oksana Grigorieva

Quiet Riot - Dokken

Greg Leon

Quiet Riot – Dokken
Yuji Moriya

Yuji Moriya

Minnie Foxx

Minnie Foxx


Junichiro Oda

Eric Lee<br>"The King Of Kata"<br>Champion of the World

Eric Lee
"The King Of Kata"
Champion of the World

The Scorpions

Ralph Rieckermann

The Scorpions

Andy Susemihl

U.D.O. / Supermihl & Friends

James O'Halloran

The Price Is Right – Criminal Minds – The Young & The Restless – The Bold And The Beautiful – Jane The Virgin etc. etc.
American Gods - TV Series (Technical Boy)@brucejlangley

Bruce Langley

American Gods – TV Series (Technical Boy)
Bleach Band


Bleach Band
Dancing With The Stars

Keo Motsepe

Dancing With The Stars

Fitness Trainers

Training Mate
Stella Katona

Stella Katona

Guitarist for Machine Gun Kelly, Carrie Underwood...@michaelburman

Michael Burman

Guitarist for Machine Gun Kelly, Carrie Underwood…

Rachel Sterling

Original Pussycat Doll
Model │ Actress │ Singer@dearbambi

Bambi Martinez

Model │ Actress │ Singer
A.P. BioJay and Silent Bob Reboot@aparnabrielle

Aparna Brielle

A.P. Bio
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Danny Casale

Danny Casale – Cool Man Coffee Dan


Model │ Actress │ Singer

The Voice Mechanic – Before & After Videos

The Voice Mechanic: 'Before & After' Videos

Sean gets Terry Ilous's voice (of the band Great White) back in only 30min. 'Before & After' Video

Oprah's Oxygen Network logo

The Voice Mechanic Featured On Oprah’s Oxygen Network in the 1990’s. In the same episode with Paul McCartney.

TV Asahi logo

The Voice Mechanic Featured On TV Asahi (Japan) also in the 1990’s.

These are non-classical lessons and they work,
no matter how you’d like to apply your voice!

Results are immediate and guaranteed!

I held a lighter in front of my mouth on Oprah’s TV Show
to demonstrate that with proper vocal technique for belting, there’s
no wind comming out, and it’s effortless!

We can add breath for style later (if you want),
but only after proper technique is established.

Don’t learn to sing by blowing air out?!?!?!?

To book your session now with The Voice Mechanic
Please call 323.937.2565
or email at:
You’ll be glad that you did!


Gallery Photos

Quote of the day! 😊

Hi Sean🥰🥰🥰

You are too funny because I JUST thought of you this morning as I was “performing”…in my car😝

I will DEFINITELY be back in May to see you. I moved city’s and dealing with major house repairs but I meant what I said that I wasn’t going to give up🙏🏻

I do need your constructive criticism because I feel as if I’ve improved putting your teachings to practice on a weekly basis on my own of course because I believe there’s no better teacher out there than you, so I will forever be grateful to YOU for what you did for my voice!!!

Sean Lee - The Voice Mechanic-Teaching an in-home singing lesson


Sean Lee “The Voice Mechanic” is asked regularly to supply talented students for private auditions to casting companies and for movies and shows such as those seen on Netflix as well as The Voice and other TV Talent shows. But, if you just can’t wait…
The Voice Is Now Accepting Video Submissions! Video Auditions For The Voice

Other lessons and services also available… call for rates!


→ Guitar

→ Bass

→ Drums

→ Keyboard / Piano

→ Music Theory


→ Recording / Production

→ Pro Tools

→ Logic

→ Ableton Live

→ Sound Engineering


→ Music Recording

→ Songwriting

→ Song Production

→ Video Editing

→ Video Production

Need something else? Let us know and we’ll see if we can help!

I am asked a few times per year to supply students for private auditions for The Voice and other TV Talent shows, but if you can’t wait… Here’s a link to their homepage where you can inquire about auditions for The Voice. The Voice

Now Accepting Video Submissions! Video Auditions