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Kids Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons for kids are also offered at The Voice Mechanic.

Kids naturally use their voice properly already. Ever hear them yelling and screaming all day without losing their voice? It’s later in life that they forget how to do this or have to live in an apartment and can’t be loud anymore, as a result, they lose this ability. Therefore, with adults, I usually have to bring their voice back to this ability.  It’s fun teaching kids and they are immediately good at the technique.

Singing Lessons for Kids

Singing Lessons for Sarah

Sean Teaching Sarah

Singing Lessons with Bela

In-home lesson with my student Bela

Brandon of Bleach

Brandon of Bleach


It is always a wonderful experience working with kids. They are naturally confident and use their muscles naturally and comfortably as well because they are used to screaming all day. In other words, they are constantly in practice. Taking vocal lessons is a good way to keep the voice strong and powerful. It is a very useful tool to further develop and know how to use in everyday life. Classes will help them learn proper breathing and voice projection, which is good for more than just singing.

For example, public speaking. Public speakers at times loose their voice from having to talk all day because they are unaware of the proper way to use their public speaking voice. I teach how to warm up properly so the kids learn to know when their voice is at its best, this helps avoid such problems, like loosing your voice. Growing up with these tools will help in the long run, no matter which route they choose to take. Classes help them learn to sing but also teaches them proper voice projection, control and breathing. I have taught many kids over the years, it is always a pleasure to hear them belt out their first strong note, it’s music to my ears!