The Importance of a Proper Technique; Even Popular Singers Are Not Immune to Damage

While plenty of people are naturally gifted with a nice, resonant voice, the notion of using a proper technique should never be forgotten. A harmful technique could ruin a good singer’s voice and reduce their vocal ability in the long term. Strain, or pushing too hard, or using the wrong parts of your body could all result in harmful effects. Remember that your body is a vocal instrument that you need to take care of. Singing/belting is more than just yelling (which won’t help developing a range either).

Famous singer Adele, for example, developed a polyp in her vocal cords, which is something that popularly occurs from vocal misuse. 

However she is not the only star that underwent surgery for their vocals. Meghan Trainor and Sam Smith have also endured vocal damage

It is important to take care of your voice and instill a proper technique. With the Voice Mechanic, you will be able to expand your vocal range using proper strategies that take care of your voice while still pushing you to develop safely, in a controlled pace so that you can avoid these long term effects that victimized the likes of many popular singers. 

We all want to be able to sing like Mariah Carey, or Whitney Houston, or scream like Axl Rose or Corey Taylor, but patience and practice is key, as pushing yourself too hard too quickly will do nothing but strain your voice. These individuals had put years into training to be able to perform the way they do. With the Voice Mechanic, over time you too will be able to achieve your vocal goals; all it requires is learning and consistently practicing the correct technique, involving awareness of where your voice is projecting from and how to control it.