How to Start Your Freelance Voice Over Career


Freelance voice-over professionals use their highly specialized skills to work on project-based jobs. Not only does this freelance work require vocal abilities, it requires technical knowledge of audio recording. At The Voice Mechanic, we assist you with cultivating all the skills necessary to kick start your freelance voice-over career.

Voice-Over Work Explained

Voice-over work requires you to use your vocal abilities to record high quality audio for various projects across many different industries. Many professionals in the industry are referred to as “voice-over artists” because of the talent and creativity it takes to do this work. Many times voice-over artists will perform the vocals and edit their work for their clients. Voice-over artists are able to capitalize on their skill of conveying a message and/or acting as a character. 


Often this type of work is done freelance. Companies will hire voice-over professionals for projects and compensate artists based on their skillset and the complexity of the recording for a flat rate. This type of work can take on many forms from commercial usage to character voice acting.

Types of Voice-Over Work

Depending on your individual interests, you can choose what type of voice-over work you want to pursue. Voice-over artists provide their expertise to businesses and entertainment for many different projects. Voice acting for animation and video games, e-book narrators, and radio advertising are some of the top projects that voice-over artists partake in. However, the work can also encompass other projects, such as telephone greetings, audio assistants for digital program interfaces, and digital educational tools. At The Voice Mechanic, we will help you to find what area best suits your interest, talent, and needs.


Tips for Finding Voice-Over Work

There are many ways you can improve your chances of scoring a freelance voice-over gig. However, one of the top ways to stand out amongst the crowd is to continue your education, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced voice-over actor. You can always improve your technical knowledge and improve your skills through classes. 


Moreover, taking classes will help you to identify your strengths, which you can highlight in the competitive voice-over market. Additionally, ensuring you have a high-quality demo to share with prospective clients is a must. It is incredibly important you produce your best work, since a demo will be the first opportunity you have to share your talents with clients. This requires you to have audio production knowledge and the right equipment, including professional microphones and audio software. Through working with instructors, like Sean Lee at The Voice Mechanic, you can create a demo that will make you stand out.


Ultimately, it is up to you to cultivate your passions and kick start your voice-over career. Sign up with The Voice Mechanic to get started today.