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Voice Overs

Do you want to be a Voice Actor?

voice over training

Voice Over training is highly recommended before you jump into applying for gigs.
At The Voice Mechanic, you can train to become a voice actor in no time!
Focus on the tools needed to develop the strength and control of your voice. Learn how to warm up, keep a steady breath and have clear enunciation with The Best Vocal Coach in Hollywood! Voice over work is so much fun but it is hard to get right. Having a nice voice isn’t enough to get booked for gigs. You have to show and convey emotion through your voice, you have to make the person listening feel and believe what you are saying. It is very easy to record demos for all kinds of work, but you have to make sure the sound is correct as well as your pitch.

Training your vocal chords!

Taking a few lessons before you record your first demo is a good thing to consider. Your vocal coach will be the best to determine if your voice is Demo ready or not. It takes some people longer than others to get it right but everyone does eventually! Before you spend money on a recording session, invest time and money in a voice over training lesson first. You do not want to come to find out the voice demo you sent out did not meet the average requirements. Something simple should not set you back from the job you deserve! Take all the precautions available to you. You will not regret it.
It is some of the most fun work there is to do, I highly recommend getting started!