Operation Baby Squirrel Rescue was a success!

I found this little baby squirrel sitting on the stairs right in front of me while I was checking my mail. I was kind of startled when I noticed her because she was about 3′ away from my face just sitting there quietly looking at me. She was so young, when I gave her some space to climb down… she fell down each step and was making baby noises! There have been a few cats around; stalking the area and I fear they must have killed her mother. She was so hungry, she was even trying to eat blades of grass while I was trying to catch her. I am happy to say that she is now in the great hands of a caring and terrific wildlife rehabilitator named Marcia. Marcia was quick to respond and advised me to give her some avocado (which I did) and the little girl ate almost a half of it! Apparently, she was even too young to lap up water so time was of the essence! I cancelled some of my singing lessons to drive her all the way to Malibu where she would be safe. I haven’t seen any brothers or sisters but I am looking!