The Voice Mechanic On The Set Of :

Steven Bochco Productions

The Voice Mechanic Ready To "Rock 'N Roll"

Sean Lee And Chris Gerolmo - Writer / Producer / Director

When the soldiers needed to SCREAM,

Producer Chris Gerolmo new there was only one person to call...

Mr. Sean Lee - The Voice Mechanic!

"Sean's help has not only been invaluable, but I feel strongly that he's the only one

who could have provided it. He has a unique array of skills"

-Chris Gerolmo -Gerolmo Films Inc.


"When I was rehearsing my lines for 'Over There' my voice kept going hoarse, but after one session with

The Voice Mechanic, I haven't had any problems with my lines or screaming in my band."

-Eric Palladino - Sgt. Scream (Over There)


The Voice Mechanic

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