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Sean Lee

Welcome to "The Voice Mechanic" website! ----- The following is a partial list of the 2000+ voice and guitar students Sean Lee has taught.

The following are some clients of mine that I have personally taught.
You may click on the links for more samples and info.


Terry Ilouse & Great White

Chris Slade & AC/DC

XYZ / Great White

AC/DC / Tom Jones / Asia / Uriah Heap
Manfred Mann / The Firm / MIWA


Writer / Producer etc.

Steven Bochco Productions

Top Hollywood Stuntman
John Ketcham
Director: The Hurricane
UFC Ring Announcer
Kelsey B - Pop Synth Sex Beat
Chad Nicholson
Gary Ballen

Fatlip of The Pharcyde


Rodeo Announcer

Jimmy Z
Etta James / Tom Petty etc.

Bassist of The Scorpions

Champion of the World
Andy Susemihl

Junichiro Oda

Actor - Y & R etc.
Erica & Lisa
Tigh Guerrero
Tila Tequila
West Arkeen
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Oksana Grigorieva
Oksana started her career here but
unfortunately went somewhere else
for vocal lessons
West Arkeen - R.I.P.
GN'R Songwriter
Nikki Fuller

Greg Leon
Quiet Riot / Dokken
Yuji Moriya

Oksana Grigorieva


Actress / Singer - Minnie Foxx



80's Metal Screamer!



The Voice Mechanic: 'Before & After' Videos - Pop Style


Sean gets Terry Ilous's voice back in only 30min. (before and after video) - Rock Style

Terry Ilous and Sean Lee backstage at the "NAMM Living Legends" Jam

Click here to hear Terry Ilous sing "I Can't Stand The Rain"
with Chris Slade of AC/DC and Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden on the drums
at the "2012 NAMM Living Legends Show" on the main stage!



Even if your a great singer.. if you loose your voice,
you may not know how to get it back!


Save and protect your voice!


Learn high belting!


Contact Sean Lee for a free consultation.

Call 323.937.2565



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Oprah's Oxygen Network
Student Spotlight !
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TV Asahi



The Voice Mechanic Testimonials:


"Sean's help has not only been invaluable, but I feel strongly that he's the only one

who could have provided it. He has a unique array of skills"

Chris Gerolmo - Gerolmo Films Inc.



"When I was rehearsing my lines for 'Over There' my voice kept going hoarse, but after one session with The Voice Mechanic, I haven't had any problems with my lines or screaming in my band."

Eric Palladino - Sgt. Scream
(FX Series "Over*There")



"Sean is truly an amazing vocal coach"

Gary Ballen - Ballen Entertainment
(N.W.A, Bone Thugs, Eazy-E, Air Supply, Lita Ford, Hurricane)



"Sean Lee put me on the road to vocal improvement. within one lesson

I was shown the proper technique to powerful vocalization"

Fat Lip -The Pharcyde



"Sean Lee is an amazing voice teacher. He won't just teach you how to sing...

He'll teach you how to screech, growl, belt and vocally shred!"

Sheena Metal -FM Talk Radio 97.1 -LA



"Before taking lessons with the Voice Mechanic I would loose my voice after rehearsals,

and it would take days to get it back! Since the first lesson...

I no-longer loose my voice! Thanks Sean... You Rock!"

Joe Loynes - Crank Lab


"I enjoyed my singing lesson yesterday, Sean.  I'm a sort of low-energy person in my day-to-day life
and don't jump up and down and act all thrilled and ecstatic very often but I really did enjoy it and feel that
your teaching will really work well for me."

Ray, Los Angeles


"He is excellent, and gets results... He has excellent people skills...

Part of my work is making presentations of one, two and three day lectures to judges, police officers...

His work with me in voice and presentation skills has been of enormous help,

and has enhanced my work as a presenter"

Nora J. Baladerian -Ph.d, F.P.P.R., B.C.F.E.


"Sean, you've helped me so much..."

Bruce Buffer - UFC Ring Announcer / Buffer Enterprises




These are non-classical lessons and they work,
no matter how you'd like to apply your voice!


Results are immediate and guaranteed!


I held a lighter in front of my mouth on Oprah's TV Show
to demonstrate that with proper vocal technique, there's
no wind comming out, and it's effortless!


We can add breath for style later (if you want),
but only after proper technique is established.



Don't learn to sing by blowing air out?!?!?!?




To book your session now with The Voice Mechanic

Please call 323.937.2565

or email at:



You'll be glad that you did!




Sean Lee - The Voice Mechanic

The Voice Mechanic

Students | Bio | Production Studio | Endorsements | Contact

The Voice Mechanic


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