Sean Lee started his musical career at the age of sixteen. He had very specific training on 'belting' and 'proper breathing technique' in Toronto, Canada for nine years from 1984 - 1993. Sean also began studying guitar and Martial Arts at the same age. After studying 'Sound Engineering' in 1993, Sean attended a full time guitar and music theory training coursein 1994 at The Musician's Institute in Hollywood, California for eighteen months, sharpening his skills as a musician.

Sean has been featured on Oprah's Oxygen Network in the same episode as Paul McCartney entitled "As She See's It". He has also been featured on Asahi TV (Japan), and had his music spotlighted on MTV. Sean has performed Vocal solo's (including The Star Spangled Banner) on stage in front of two thousand + people on occasions. Sean's clients range from Critically Acclaimed Movie Producers, to Doctors, Lawyers, Actors, Multi-Platnumn Artist Managers, Artists, School Teachers, Sport Announcers etc., etc.

Recently, Sean was called to the set of the FX TV series:"OVER*THERE" to teach the soldiers how to scream without losing their voices and be able to work the next day!


Click here to hear Sean play guitar with his band - MIWA


12/16/2005 - Sean receives his certification from Douglass Spotted Eagle for Sony High Definition Filming and Editing.


"With proper Breathing and projection you will get to the 'next level' no matter where your at now"


"The Voice Mechanic has been helping people reach their goals for over a decade."


"The Voice Mechanic gets results, guaranteed!"

"Sean's help has not only been invaluable, but I feel strongly that he's the only one

who could have provided it. He has a unique array of skills"

-Chris Gerolmo -Gerolmo Films Inc.


"When I was rehearsing my lines for 'Over There' my voice kept going hoarse, but after one session with The Voice Mechanic, I haven't had any problems with my lines or screaming in my band."

-Eric Palladino -Sgt. Scream (FX Series "Over*There")


"Sean is truly an amazing vocal coach"

-Gary Ballen -Ballen Entertainment (N.W.A, Bone Thugs, Eazy-E, Air Supply, Lita Ford, Hurricane)


"Sean Lee put me on the road to vocal improvement. within one lesson

I was shown the proper technique to powerful vocalization"

-Fat Lip -The Pharcyde


"Sean Lee is an amazing voice teacher. He won't just teach you how to sing...

He'll teach you how to screech, growl, belt and vocally shred!"

-Sheena Metal -FM Talk Radio 97.1 -LA


"Before taking lessons with the Voice Mechanic I would loose my voice after rehearsals,

and it would take days to get it back! Since the first lesson...

I no-longer loose my voice! Thanks Sean... You Rock!"

-Joe Loynes - Crank Lab Link


"He is excellent, and gets results... He has excellent people skills...

Part of my work is making presentations of one, two and three day lectures to judges, police officers...

His work with me in voice and presentation skills has been of enormous help,

and has enhanced my work as a presenter"

-Nora J. Baladerian -Ph.d, F.P.P.R., B.C.F.E.


The Voice Mechanic

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